After the false marriage with the Demon Lord



After the false marriage with the Demon Lord

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Someone else downstairs raised his placard to raise the price, raising the price of the thousand-year-old Sanskrit grass to forty thousand Lingshi. Surrounding suddenly lively, generally Lingzhi to this price, even if the year is a thousand years, can be shot again and then close to the price of Lingzhi medicine shop outside. The man had already regarded the thousand-year-old Sanskrit grass as a thing in his pocket, forty thousand Lingshi, which was just not good at the critical price, and he would lose money if he went up. There must be no sucker to raise the price again. Shen Buyu chuckled, and Lin Zizhou raised the sign, "Fifty thousand Lingshi." Chen Sansi immediately stunned, "outside the Millennium Fanqingcao Treasure Pavilion, 42,000 Lingshi can be bought, you this.." Not only was Chen Sansi surprised, but other guests in the private room also whispered about it. The one who raised the price downstairs saw that the price was beyond expectation, so he stopped raising the price. The Red Dove has repeatedly confirmed that this thousand-year-old Sanskrit grass has not been photographed again, and it is priced at 50,000 Lingshi. Chen Sansi doubts, this Lin Zizhou is an old fox, even if does not know the Fanqingcao, oneself also gave a clear price. Not much more than to take a picture of this grass,mobile racking systems, what on earth is he planning? Shen Buyu glanced at Chen Sansi and pushed the Lingbao booklet in front of Lin Zizhou. "Look again, Zizhou," he said. "What do you like?" Lin Zizhou took it and said with a smile, "Good." Chen Sansi took a look at Lin Zizhou, suspicious in his heart, and could not tell what his sister and Lin Zizhou were playing. Downstairs, a few more lots passed one after another, until the sound stopped a little,warehouse pallet racks, and the next lot was brought to the booth by the maid. The red dove took the nanmu box, and her red lips opened slightly: "The next lot is a rare treasure that has not been seen for a long time." A rarity? All eyes followed, and the nanmu box was opened in the hands of the red dove. A pale black demon Dan was placed on the cushion inside the box. The red dove said, "Xuantian Fox Demon Dan. Its rank is unknown. The starting price is 200,000 Lingshi." The words of the red dove fell, and all the people were surprised. What kind of monster was this Xuantian fox? The demon Dan, whose rank was uncertain, was even more expensive than the Huangjie Lingbao, tens of thousands of Lingshi. The Red Dove explained, "The records of Xuantian Fox come from the medical skill of all spirits. It is said that all the fur of the monster Xuantian Fox can be used as medicine. It is extremely difficult to find a holy medicine for medical practice.". This Xuantian Fox Demon Dan comes from the matchless city. You can rest assured. "Two hundred and fifty thousand." "Three hundred thousand." …… Chen Sansi was slightly disappointed. "It's actually a demon Dan." Shen Buyu pondered one or two, Xuantian Fox Demon Dan, the monster that can be used as medicine is rarely a high-level monster, and it is useless to take pictures of this demon Dan. Prices have been raised one after another downstairs, and each price increase is only within 100, shuttle rack system ,heavy duty cantilever racks,000 yuan. It seems that the price will not be higher. Two million Lingshi. A voice suddenly came from the elegant room on the third floor, doubling the price of Xuantian Fox Demon Dan. Shen Buyu followed the sound, but the curtain of the elegant room was slightly covered, and he could not see who was among them. She withdrew her eyes, but caught a glimpse of Lin Zizhou's slightly calm eyes, looking at the elegant room, the eyes are not good. He raised his placard and said, "Three million spirit stones." At this point, many guests in the Treasure Pavilion were shocked. This unknown grade of demon Dan was sold at the price of three million Lingshi. Could it be that this demon Dan is a holy product? The people in the pavilion became lively in an instant, and after three million, some people raised their placards one after another. Chen Sansi said in a deep voice, "There is no record of Xuantianhu's demon elixir. If it were really a high-level monster, it would not be so unknown. It would only be recorded in medical books." Shen Buyu looked at Lin Zizhou, who looked at her with a slightly heavy gaze. He raised his placard and said, "Nine million Lingshi." "Mr. Lin." Chen Sansi made a sound to stop it. But as soon as Lin Zizhou's voice fell, another voice came from the elegant room on the third floor: "Ten million." The Red Dove waved her hand and said, "Xuantian Fox Demon Dan, is there a price increase for the 10 million Lingshi?" Although Shen Buyu and Lin Zizhou agreed to come to the Treasure Pavilion, as much publicity as possible, the auction price is indeed two people's plan, but the first few pieces of auction are good, Lin Zizhou also acts according to two people's plan. But to this Xuantian Fox Demon Dan, Lin Zizhou's performance is somewhat wrong, he seems to be very persistent Xuantian Fox Demon Dan. From the beginning of seeing the portrait of Xuantian Fox in the book scroll, his expression became dignified. This Xuantian Fox came from the island of Geshi. Could it be that he had an entanglement with Lin Zizhou? Lin Zizhou raised his placard again: "11000000.".
” 11000000 Lingshi is already close to the transaction price of ordinary terrace skills. This time, most of the guests in the Treasure Pavilion of Yunling Prefecture come for terrace skills. Xuantian Fox Demon Dan is just an accident, and it's not worth planning again. Chen Sansi looked at Shen Buyu and said, "Sister, the Xuantian Fox Demon Dan is not worth the price." Shen Buyu was puzzled. He looked at Lin Zizhou and asked, "Zizhou, what do you think?" When Lin Zizhou heard this, he withdrew his eyes from the private room on the third floor and turned to look at Shen Buyu. There were some rare waves in his silent eyes. The doubts in Shen Buyu's heart were even greater. Lin Zizhou's eyes drooped slightly, and he looked strange in his eyes. He said in a deep voice, "The Xuantian Fox Demon Dan on the pavilion is full of evil spirit. It is the demon Dan of the adult Xuantian Fox." "And the demon Dan of the adult Xuantian Fox." "It belongs to the order of heaven." Chapter 16 The ninth rank of the demon elixir, and the seventh to ninth ranks are the ranks of heaven. When Shen Buyu heard this, wouldn't it be the most suitable material for Tianjie Demon Dan? Chen Sansi frowned slightly, wondering, "How do you know that the adult Xuantian Fox is a demon elixir? It has not been recorded in the classics, and it is hard to be sure only by your words." Shen Buyu laughed. He took the sign from Lin Zizhou's hand and said, "It doesn't matter if it's not a demon elixir. It looks good. It's just right. I'm worried about what to give you. This demon elixir comes from a medicine beast and is extremely precious.". It's just right. It's our token of love. Shen Buyu raised his placard and said, "Twenty million Lingshi." A woman's voice came from the elegant room of No.27, and the price was raised to 20 million Lingshi. The full house was surprised, and the guests in the private room on the third floor also stopped bidding. The red dove looked surprised. She quickly recovered and said, "The price of Lingshi is 20 million yuan. Is there a price increase?" Shen Buyu put down the sign in Chen Sansi's surprised eyes. As soon as the 20 million Lingshi came out, everyone whispered that there was no more price increase. Lin Zizhou saw her satisfied face and shook his head helplessly. At this moment, a deep male voice came from the third floor of the elegant room where Lin Zizhou had been fighting for the demon elixir. The man asked, "Can I take the liberty to ask a question about the guest of No.27?" When Shen Buyu heard this,Teardrop Pallet Racking, he raised his voice and replied, "Your Excellency, please speak." "Why did the girl insist on taking pictures of this Xuantian Fox Demon Dan?" The man asked.


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